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"The Scribe Gallery is the Writer's Art Musuem..." - V. F Lord

On this page which we adoringly call "The Scribe Gallery", you will view a display for your Entertainment and Education. These exhibits can be found on the "Wall" below.

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Books on the Supernatural


You love to kick back and relax on the couch at the end of a long day, with a good read that takes you to incredible worlds and stories. A fix that goes beyond 'paranormal'. We have you covered. Enter the realm of the supernatural!

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Children's Books


Having a challenge with keeping the little ones entertained? We mint the right stories for their reading pleasure. Check out this page from time to time for new offerings!

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Academic Books


As a writing company with an academic background, we do not neglect our roots of academic knowledge and ponderings. Find out the latest reviews on academic subjects that are of interest to you.

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Research & Writing


Do you have a question in the legal area, but would rather not go to a lawyer right now for various reasons? Let us research the topic for you. Check out our "It's The Law" Series, coming soon. We do not provide legal advice, but will research the answers you need.

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Editing Gigs


 Have you written a book, play or movie and need to edit for content? Lets' take the work off your hands. Send it our way. 

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Coaching for You


This is a popular zone. We teach and coach our clients on various subject areas. Our coaching brand is transformative, one client at a time. Visit our events page for updates on coaching services coming to your area!

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The Gallery News - 2nd Edition


Be Entertained By Something Remarkable

With great pleasure, The Scribe Gallery at Omega Inscribe proudly presents to you the first item for your extraordinary entertainment this year 2019 - The novel, Due North!

Due North hits the Amazon stands in February and can be viewed at:   

Available on Amazon here

Ok - Why am I so excited about this book?

If you are one who has ever dabbled in reading the plethora of paranormal novels out there, well - This is different. We don't do paranormal at Omega Inscribe.

We do Supernatural. A step up from the usual.

When you read a supernatural novel here, you will be reading something that is as true to life as if it is happening at your next door neighbor's - or even better, right in your own house.

It is as believable as having faith.

I am not going to steal the show and the thunder by saying more. You have to check it out. 

Pre-order a Kindle version of the book before the February 28 release date; or get a paperback version which is already available on Amazon today.

Wishing you an extraordinary that is designed to entertain you - But most especially...Maybe it's your gateway to start having extraordinary life experiences.  Extraordinary transformations. Extraordinary possibilities.  

Start experiencing it. Get your first Omega Inscribe certified reading pleasure at:


Get it on Amazon here!