Supernatural Experiences

Books to make you wonder...

Enter the world of the supernatural - The gifted, the powerful, the incredible. Who knows?  The next supernatural event could be as close to you as...your own backyard.

Due North

She was drinking, driving and minding her own business...


It is okay to drink and drive in moderation. This had always been Lexa Barclay's philosophy.

Not until her light drinking landed her in a ditch on the Coquihalla Highway of British Columbia, Canada.

And straight onto the radar of Seth McAllen, the big, mysterious Canadian-Canuck that rescued her American-Yankee behind from certain frozen demise.

Therefore, a journey begins on how not to treat a Canuck - Especially if he has a gift that enables him to know a girl's deepest, darkest secrets without her ever opening her mouth to divulge it.

Due North is available in paperback and Kindle!

Once Upon A Dream

Never stop dreaming...

Zena had big dreams. She would graduate from high school and move to New York. She would get a big journalism degree. She would get married and have a great husband and two kids with a  dog. Of course, their house in the country would have a white picket fence and a garden where she could grow her own organic vegetables. They would be a small, but content family.

Funny how life can put a rain on a girl's parade. Especially when said girl was sixteen years old and found herself pregnant. 

And funny how life could get progressively worse down the years that followed - Especially when said girl found herself, by an unfair twist of an equally unfair life, on the territory of the powerful man who happened to be unaware that they had a son. 

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The Warrior King

The forgotten last son...


Tremaine wanted only one thing in life. To be a farmer. In fact, it was the right mindset to have because he was a second born son - And second-borns do not inherit anything from their fathers' estates. This had been the way and laws of his people for generations.

True, his mind tended to create other things besides how to grow a bed of corn. 

Things like - Schemes. Strategies. Intelligence.

The kind that could destroy whole armies and nations.

The kind of abilities that made the people of Argus tremble at his capabilities to fight for their causes in war against their enemies.

The kind of abilities that made his older brother loath him - For how dare a second born prince like Tremaine gain the honor and respect of the people over his older brother, the rightful, future king?

It was his blessing. It was his curse. 

He was born for war, this second born who wanted nothing more than to be a farmer.

But dreams of a quiet life or not, he could not run from the reason why he was born, for there was a Supreme Power that had given him this destiny.

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