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Are you a lawyer, law firm or other organization that needs to research the potential outcome of a case?

As some of us know, case law precedent is significant in determining whether one has a case that could pass muster in an argument - Or even in court.

At Omega Inscribe, we take your questions to research them for answers, using one of the most popular and sophisticated  legal research databases available to lawyers worldwide.

Did We Say No Big Bill?


You heard it right. Or rather...You read it right.

Licensed lawyers are performing your research for you - Of course, at paralegal rates.

It does not get better than this.

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We love a fantastic conclusion.

Let us count the ways of why you want us:

  • Legalese translated to Plain English**.
  • Services easy to understand and afford. 
  • Quick response. 
  • Plus, our team is available to discuss the plain writings of the results with you*

A company that is passionate about writing and research, providing you with answers to your entity's questions - At unbelievable fees.

How can you beat this?

Drop your research questions here, and  get your answers delivered seamlessly

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