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A country border. A mountain man. A supernatural ability. What is a girl to do with this equation?

Alexandra “Lexa” Barclay was a femme fatale who had everything. She hailed from the upper-middle class of Washington State, she had a medical practice as a gerontologist, she was an exotic brunette that turned heads – and she was engaged to the cutest-boy dream fiancée that every one of her friends in her social circle would kill to snag. Therefore, why did she jump in her car and kept on driving without looking back on the night of her engagement? Her nocturnal drive took her a little further up north than she had intended, as she crossed the U.S.A-Canada border and ended up at a little village-town in British Columbia where mystery, fate…and a man with a supernatural gift was waiting for her.



Tremayne hated destiny. He did not believe there was such a thing. He was not chosen. He was not brave. He was not the first born son. All he wanted was to be a fisherman.

Fate played a cruel joke, for fate thought differently. It was obvious in the way his father was murdered. The twelve kingdoms were torn apart as his older brother took his place as firstborn son on the throne of Argus.

Anarchy. Betrayal. Chaos. There was nothing more sensible to do than for the condemned second-born son that he was, found to be a traitor, to go into hiding.

Then came that dreaded messenger again, Destiny. It found him where he hid. It made him a king over a people that had torn themselves away from his older brother’s rule. It brought him Isabelle.

Isabelle. If she was all he could have in life, he would remain a content man. What more did the people, the empire…and Destiny, want from him?


Dating and relationships is a broad, interesting subject.

Luckily, Makayla Anderson is a writer with broad interests. Long before she took the plunge into enrolling in law school and immersing herself in a trade that has to do with a lot of writing and research, she had always been a writer and researcher at heart. Seriously, no cliches and no disclaimers. Her reading appetite being extremely voracious, she found herself consuming books across many genres, and yet, not able to find that ‘je ne sais quoi‘ something that made a book ‘just right.’

Finally, she picked up her pen (or more appropriately, laptop) and over the last 7 years had been researching book ideas and a niche that readers who may have had similar hang ups about the romantic storytelling market would be able to connect on these stories that she now brings to the romantic storytelling world.

Makayla is a ‘supernatural’ romantic – And you will find out more when you try one of her novels of supernatural features, borrowed from the Bible.

When she is not busy penning a book, she is getting into her non-profit work at The Lions’ Sanctuary which helps immigrant, college-educated women find meaningful careers.