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Lexa Barclay is a Seattle socialite, femme-fatale and medical doctor who walked into her own surprise engagement party to her boyfriend one night - and promptly ran away. She got in the car and drove hundreds of miles to British Columbia Canada. Little did she know that across the border, there was a destiny awaiting her: A meeting with a mysterious male who could read her heart.


Once Upon A Dream - Paperback


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Zena had big dreams. She would graduate from high school and move to New York. She would get a big journalism degree. She would get married and have a great husband and two kids with a dog. Of course, their house in the country would have a white picket fence and a garden where she could grow her own organic vegetables. They would be a small, but content family. Funny how life can put a rain on a girl's parade. Especially when said girl was sixteen years old and found herself pregnant. And funny how life could get progressively worse down the years that followed - Especially when said girl found herself, by an unfair twist of an equally unfair life, on the territory of the powerful man who happened to be unaware that they had a son.


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