We are writers...helping writers to build their businesses

Step 1: Laws of Attraction©


In Step 1 of the program, you will :

  • Find or finesse your writing niche
  • Create a writing brand unique to you
  • Find the right social media platform
  • Connect with your reader 'tribe'
  • Start building a community of followers and reader fans

Step 2: Business T's and I's©


As a writer and lawyer, I know business contracts. Under Step 2, I will help you:

  • Set up your sole proprietorship (if this is your entity preference)
  • Set up your LLC writing business (if this is your preference)
  • Generate the right business templates for all agents you will need to deal with for your unique business needs

Step 3: Reach!©


After audience and business set up, you are ready to write with sanity and enjoy your business as a writer.

Under Step 3, you will get the Writer's Success Kit. This includes:

  • Writing Tutorials on how to begin, remain motivated and end your book
  • Subscription Package for Intellectual Property Law Support (All inclusive)

You can sign up for Step 1 or 2 or all three steps of the Building Business for Writers'™ Package. Choose which step you need, or choose all as needed.

To access the FREE program, subscribe here for the Silver Membership:

Introducing - Omega Sage Legal, PC

Omega Sage Lawyers (OSL) is the full, boutique sister law firm of Building Business for Writers ™.  Omega Sage Lawyers supports Building Business for Writers'™ clients that need legal help with intellectual property law such as copyrights for their work. 

Omega Sage Lawyers specializes in intellectual property law for writers.