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Step 1: laws of attraction©


As a writer, you are a business person. It is more than sitting in front of a computer (or i-pad...or typewriter, if this rocks your boat); and it is more than putting words together, or publishing on Amazon. 

I am a lawyer with over ten years of experience in the business world, and in writing. 

You want to know how to attract your right 'tribe' to your written ideas - That is, you want to find the ideal audience that will keep coming back to read from you. These coaching sessions are designed to help you figure out your ideal reader "Tribe."

step 2: business t's and I's©


Most writers are sole proprietors. They prefer the 'simplicity' of putting a book on line or on hard copy under their individual or pen name - and this makes sense. 

Other writers may choose to have a legal entity set up, like a LLC or Corporation due to the protections that it will provide them. Afterall - There are perils, sharks and storms in the writing business, just as with any other business. For instance, have you considered copyrights for your work as protection? Customizing contracts with your publishing agents? Dealing with royalties from sales in other countries? Everything else that is behind the scenes of establishing your writing business? 

After coaching you on the ideal writing niche that may suit you best, we start you on putting together the Terms and Conditions (cross T's, dot I's)  to protect your writer's behind.

step 3: reach!©


You have been coached. You have a viable business system with T's crossed and I's dotted.  

The final step in our Building Business for Writers' program - We will walk with you through the launch of your first book with marketing and advertising support.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 is the full Building Business for Writers'™ Package. 

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introducing - omega sage lawyers

Omega Sage Lawyers (OSL) is the full, boutique sister law firm of Building Business for Writers ™.  Building Business for Writers ™  is a non-legal practice. Therefore, OSL is able to support Building Business for Writers'™ clients that need a legal touch in setting up or pursuing their writing businesses. 

OSL specializes in intellectual property law, a vital area of law that concerns every writer.