Due North - A Story from the True North

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Lexa had it all - She was from the upper-middle class of Washington State. She was gorgeous. She had a booming career. And she had men fawning after her. Of course, she had a preppy boyfriend too. It was the perfect life and everyone saw it.

But...was it really perfect?

No one was aware of the depths of insecurity, fear and uncertainties about the future that Lexa hid in her heart. Not until one day, on an impulse, she took a drive up north, getting pretty drunk along the way - and found herself in an accident, in a ditch, on a lonely Canadian highway in the middle of winter - and right on the turf of the no -nonsense, mysterious, unpredictable Canadian who rescued her frozen behind from certain demise.

She could handle the big silent male type. They were right up her alley. How different could this male of the species be from all the others?

She came to find out - Extremely different.

Especially since he could read her heart and the turmoil in it like a weatherman could predict that the sun was out on an obviously sunny day.

What is a girl to do when she can no longer pretend before a man?

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