Why Prayer Is Not A Boring Obligation For the Christian Writer

It is a common concept among religions that prayer exists.

In one of my blogs, I mentioned how being a Christian is not a religion. It is a relationship. (How dissimilar can two ‘r’ words be!). If you would like to see the blog, visit it here.

Therefore, if being a Christian is a relationship, how can the method of communication in that relationship be boring?

Maybe You Are Just Fulfilling A Boring Obligation

Sometimes, we do things just because we have always done them. We feel obligated to ‘believe in God.’ We feel obligated to pray, yet prayer is boring. We feel obligated to continue doing that same thing of ‘going to church’. We feel obligated to practice a religion. Perhaps, it was the faith that our parents taught us that we are trying to stay connected with.

Have we stopped to ask ourselves the question, sometimes: Why am I believing in this faith? Why do I believe in God? Do I really believe in Jesus, or do I say I do because my parents, or my friends, or my community, said so?

A boy copying his father’s pose. Image by Olya Aldamovich from Pixabay

If you don’t know the answer to these questions – Chances are, you are not in a real relationship with the God you think you believe in. You are only in it because you think it is the right thing to do.

If that is your case, prayer would be a boring obligation for you. And so would anything that had to do with God. Afterall – What is in it for you? You are only doing it because you want to have some source of hope for your life. You are not sure if this source of hope really works, though.

How can you turn this around? To you, prayer is boring. Can praying be exciting?

Relationships Involve Conversations

Consider a relationship that we are all familiar with – A relationship between a husband and a wife. While some may beg to differ by stating that their communication with their spouses are boring, a healthy relationship between a man and his wife should not be boring. It should be full of information they are sharing about each other. It should include dreams they hope to achieve together. Perhaps, places they want to go someday…and more.

Prayer is like a phone conversation between two persons. Image by MelanieSchwolert from Pixabay 

Communication such as this is an exciting time of discovery. It is an opportunity for your to speak up. You sometimes find that you are saying things about yourself that you did not even realize existed.

In a real relationship, you are permitted to let your guard down. You are able to speak about things buried somewhere deep inside. The buried (hurts, unconscious things you did not know existed) will come up during the conversation. Such experiences are the foundation of healings.

The same goes for the other person you are interacting with. They begin to reveal things about themselves that you never knew before, just because they are speaking to you about it now.

This is what prayer is. While humans have conversations between them to communicate, God and humans have prayers between them to communicate! Imagine discovering things about yourself through prayer! Imagine discovering things that God could reveal about Himself through prayer!

A person who is praying – Image by martinduss from Pixabay 

How do you come to the point of seeing prayer as a conversation with immense benefits for you? It is a strategic form of communication that has some steps you should be following so that you may see results.

Relationships Involve Two Persons – At Least

The first step, is, of course, the relationship. A girl should not walk up to a guy (or vice versa), start talking with him and then, under normal circumstances, expect that he will reveal (deep) things about himself to her!

No, the relationship has to be set, first and foremost. Therefore, praying to God is only effective if there is a relationship with Him to begin with, For more on this, see my blog about how to have a relationship with Jesus.

Is God A Relationship?

How do you start seeing prayer as a communication and not a boring obligation just because you have the title of Christian?

You want to start by seeing the One you are communicating with as a Person and not a nebulous entity up in the Heavens; and you want to have meaning behind the things you are saying to Him. For more on understanding that God is a Person and not just God to everyone, see my blog on: Is God a Person?

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