Prayers That Guide You As A Writer

You want to be a writer – Specifically, a Christian writer. However, you don’t know where to begin, or how to begin.

For more tips on beginning your journey into Christian writing, visit my blog about 7 Key things To Understand About How To Become A Christian Author.

There is a lingering question. After you get the tips on ‘how’ to become a Christian writer, what are the next steps? Where do you go from here to start making it happen? How do you become a Christian writer, like no one else, because there is no one else like you on the Earth?

There is a general map about how to become a Christian author from my blog about 7 Key things To Understand About How To Become A Christian Author. How do you gain the specific map that will guide you into becoming a Christian writer? The detail is needed on the ‘little’ things one should be doing to succeed as a Christian writer.

The Ability to Communicate

One of the foundations of being a Christian is the ability to communicate with the Lord in prayer. Prayer has become such a commonly mentioned concept today. It no longer seems to be meaningful or considered as a powerful link between man and God.

Without taking you into some twilight zone, this blog is going to talk about how prayer can be implemented as part of your overall strategy to becoming an excellent Christian author.

Start your writing career with prayer. Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

How can prayer guide you as a Christian writer? It guides you by clarifying some concepts for you. Clarification helps a believer who wants the supernatural help of God to be the foundation of their writing career.

There were 4 main things I learned to pray about as I started my journey to figuring out who I was. It helped me to learn how to become the best version of me as a writer. Of course, the journey continues.

I hope these tips will help you as much as they helped me. I was very fortunate to have the guidance of a phenomenal leader in God who told me these things.

You want to know who you are as a Christian writer

This is probably the first and most important thing you want to figure out on your journey of self discovery. You want to know who you are. Not the person that your friends think you should be. Not the version of you that your relatives prefer.

This is a journey to figuring out ‘the real you.’ Maybe the real you is grouchy at 10am in the morning and you have been hiding it for years from your friends.

Maybe the real you prefers to spend weekends in a quiet corner at home, watching the sun set from the bay window instead of dirt biking with the boys on the East End.

Who are you? Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay 

These are, actually, only the surface examples of the real you. There are deeper places to go beyond how you respond to different hours of the day or activities., Many people seem afraid to go beyond the surface of ‘the real person’ they are, because of what they might discover.

This is where prayer comes in.

Before you can find out who you are, there is one thing to do first

Remember, there is one thing you need to ‘become’ before you can pray like this. That is, before you can pray for discovery of who you really are. You need to know what it means to ‘have a relationship with Jesus. See my blog on this topic about ‘how do you have a relationship with Jesus?’

It is amazing the things that start to happen when you have the foundation of a relationship with the God that seems so distant to most people. He seems extremely distant in most individuals’ perception. How can Someone so distant be able to answer their questions?

That’s why it begins with relationship. You are more comfortable asking someone a question when you can relate to them. They are comfortable answering you back because they know that you can relate to them. This is how normal human relationships work.

Relationships should be normal with communication. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

Why is it impossible to have such normalcy in a relationship with God?

Therefore, with this relationship, start asking, and don’t stop, for it will probably take one prayer, maybe one hundred: Lord, reveal who I am.

Making you aware of what is impeding you from becoming the full version of the Christian writer in you

It may be hard to believe – But the God Who can reveal the true nature of you, down to the granular details, is most likely able to make you aware of any obstacles in your path that is keeping you from becoming the best version of you, specifically, the best version of the writer that you could be.

Therefore, add this to your prayer strategy: Lord: What is preventing me from becoming the writer of my dreams?

Teaching you what to write

Finally – You want to top up the strategy with this request: Lord, teach me what to write that brings out the best in me.

Have you tried this before? It would be lovely to hear your experience and results! I have a whole book of results that I could share with you (coming soon, I think!).

Drop your comments here on what you have experience in digging to discover you as a writer by praying about it!

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