How to Find Super Abilities From the Bible for Characters in Your Novel

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This is probably the hardest part about writing a supernatural novel – Generating supernatural abilities for the characters or supernatural events for the stories.

As you may have discovered from my previous blogs, a supernatural novel is a story inspired from Biblical references. You can check out one of my blogs here about this on 5 things that make a supernatural novel different from a paranormal novel.

My novel writing brand is supernatural romantic and adventure novels, using Biblical references. I know that there are many romantic Christian novels out there, and they may refer to the Bible, and faith, and God. My brand of novels takes it a few levels further by bringing the idea of God down to the stories I write in tangible ways such as the knowledge or the abilities of the characters in the novel being derived from the God of the Bible. It is essentially, making God like a Person Who is relatable through the characters that He has granted these supernatural abilities in the novel.

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This idea in novel writing could be controversial. I am aware of individuals who have reached out to me to advise that God is not a Person. This is not the point of my novel writing, or this blog. It is not for argument about people’s beliefs, or how far the limits that they consider speaking about ‘God-things’ should go, otherwise, crossing the limit would be sacrilege!

Rather, the point of this blog is to explore the idea of how a person could become a researcher into the Bible, finding treasures they may otherwise not have seen before until they studied that idea in the Bible deeply, and making stories or novels, out of it.

Therefore, we come to the question of this blog: How can you generate supernatural abilities from the Bible for the characters in your novel? The answer is a step by step process of researching ideas, finding ideas and understanding the ideas. Let me break it down into my usual 5, hopefully, digestible points:

  • Start with a blank slate: You know you want to write a novel. You know that you want the novel to have a supernatural idea or characteristic. However, you have no clue where to begin to find the foundation that will make up your supernatural idea. That’s awesome. Now, you can start thinking of all the stories you ever heard or meant from Sunday school. Which of the characters in those stories stand out to you today? Take a pen and paper and write them down. If you don’t remember, check out online summaries of Bible stories such as This will give you a synopsis of every chapter for gaining initial ideas on what to write.  
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  • Start researching: Once you come across something that sparks your interest about any of the characters, environments or situations that were occurring in those summarized Bible chapters, you can now pick that particular interest area and delve deeper. Pick up the real Bible. Find out more about that point. I have heard feedback that reading the Bible is hard as nuts. Understandable, as some of the Bible versions are written in old English. It is difficult even for Theologians with Ph.Ds in Biblical studies to understand! For a humble reader with no degree or Theology credits to their name who simply wants to find out more about a point they discovered in it and write a little story built off of what they found, how about picking up a Bible version that is written in simple to understand English? My personal favorite is the Amplified Bible, but some may find this still too onerous. In that case, I would recommend the Easy to Read Version Bible (The ESV Bible).
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  • Do not feel disqualified: One thing that may pop up is the notion that one is disqualified from studying Biblical texts and trying to make something out of it that would bring out the God in the Bible into a story that makes Him out like a relatable Person, or to bring out the ideas in the Bible as something that everyday people could relate to. I would venture to say that anyone who feels disqualified would likely be a non-Christian because they do not believe in what they are reading, and therefore, why would they want to write anything about it? For someone who believes in God, in Jesus, and that the Word of God is true, you are as qualified as anyone that went to Bible college because a degree is not required to seek knowledge of God.
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  • Be open-minded: For anyone who has lived with one idea about God, Jesus, and the Bible all of their lives, it can be quite challenging, and in fact offensive, to try and discover something different from what one has always known. Therefore, this blog may be offensive, the idea of writing a story using Biblical events and ideas obtained from Biblical people may be annoying – But it would not be so to anyone who has an open mind and simply wants to find out more than they have always known about God, by creating stories from what they may find in their research. Therefore – Have an open mind to find new things that you can write about!
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  • Pray: Alright. This is probably the hardest point. However, consider this – If you went to a Bank, and you wanted the Bank Relationship Manager to lend you $1 million dollars, you would need to have a conversation with the manager about what you wanted to use the money for, no? After all – the money is in his charge, and he controls whether you can have it or not. Consider the Bible as the same. It is a Bank of ideas, many of which have not been released because people are not asking for it or they are not giving the Bank Manager the right terms about what they want to do with the funds (knowledge) that they will gain from the Bank.  Therefore, if you have never done so before, I recommend that this is a good time to get to know ‘praying’ to God. Think of it as a conversation with your Bank manager who has a relationship with you because he helps to keep your money safe and he also lends you money. You want Him to lend you money (ideas) to put in a novel. Ask Him for it. You would be surprised, you may actually get it, especially if no one has ever given you $1 million dollars before (i.e. the kind of story idea that you will end up with).

Therefore, Friends – Give this a shot. Get to writing about supernatural stories inspired by the Bible. Who knows whether your story may touch someone’s life positively?

Have you written a supernatural novel? Comment about it below! It is always awesome to share and read books with inspiration!

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