How Do You ‘have a relationship’ with Jesus as a Writer?

It is extremely cliche.

I have heard the question more times than I have counted: Do you have a relationship with Jesus?

For anyone who is hearing the question for the first time, they may wonder: What exactly does that even mean?

If you are a writer venturing into inspirational writing and you hear this question, you may wonder, Okay. What has this got to do with me and my writing?

Everything, actually.

If you are considering the route of inspirational or Christian writing, the only feasible way to be genuine in delivering inspiring work in it is to have some connection with the source of the inspiration. In this case, the source is Jesus Christ.

Therefore, what does this really mean, ‘to have a relationship with Jesus?’ I have found that it starts with understanding and taking some steps.

Get Curious

The Bible and history journals record Jesus’ time on Earth as approximately 2,000 years ago. That timeline is so distant from our current reality in the 21st century. How can anyone have a relationship with someone who lived more than 20 centuries ago?

Get curious, then. Curiosity would require asking some questions. Maybe even praying to ask if the God of the Bible is real. You will believe your own experiences over what someone else could tell you about theirs.


Curiosity is the first step. Believing is the next. If there is truly a God Who inspired the Bible, what can I start to believe about Him that will make a difference in the way I think, the way I live, for the better? If I never believed I could write a single pamphlet before, could I believe that He could inspire me to write an entire book now?

Start Doing

Faith in God is more than believing. A person has to start doing some things to show that they have believed in something. For instance, one would not typically jump behind the wheel of a car and start driving unless they believed they could handle the vehicle. Believing that you can drive is different from getting behind the wheel to drive. Believing in God is different from taking actions to show that you believe He can do something in your life that you are hoping for.

Rinse and Repeat

It may sound overly simple – Yet it is. Getting curious, believing and starting to act out what one believes does not stop after doing it just once. This is what a relationship is about.

A husband and wife get married. They live together one day. They need to ‘rinse and repeat’ the experience of living together for many days – hopefully years and a lifetime – after that. This is what makes up a relationship.

Therefore, continuing to be curious, continuing to believe, continuing to do what one has believed is the reason why a relationship exists for humans. The same applies to a relationship with God.

As a writer, you want to be curious, believe, and start doing what you have believed. Are you curious to know if you are truly a writer and God is on that career path with you? Have you believed that there are some amazing things you can do with writing when you have the divine inspiration to back you up? Have you started doing something about what you have believed?

Do you do the ‘rinse and repeat’ process of engaging in activities more and more with God? An act of faith is ‘doing an activity with Him.’ It is like attending a ball game with one’s relative, or preparing a birthday party celebration for one’s spouse: It is the act of ‘doing things together.’ Drop a comment below if you have ever had such an experience!

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