Hire A Writer! My Rates List

You need to devote quality time to your business by engaging in the things you love to do – Content creation may not be one of them, especially if you are trying to be efficient with your time.

It is the reason why you want to leave the writing heavy-lifting to the professionals.

If you are trying to build a blog or create website content, write a book or develop a script for a movie or show, you have come to the right page.

I do all of the above. My blog documents advice and experience in the field, and can be viewed here.

Check out my rates below. Get in touch with me and let the work begin!

Writing Rates

  • News Articles ( web-related ): $15-50 per page
  • E-books: $15-25 per page
  • Novels and Books: $75 per page
  • Magazine Articles: From $600-$2000 per article
  • Web Content Articles (Non-news related): 0.10 cents per word
  • Rewrites: News Articles ($25); Non-News Articles ($10 to $50, depending on word count, keywords etc)