What We Do

You are not just a writer. You are a business owner.

The Christian books industry has one of the largest reader bases, averaging over $1 billion dollars annually.

As a Christian book writer with a message, you can have a unique positioning to deliver your content to the audiences that want to hear them. This cannot be achieved randomly.

You need business strategy.

True. You consider yourself just a simple writer that is either (1) trying to make a buck or (2) aiming to reach people with something in your writings that will inspire them positively.

I repeat: You cannot be successful in either options without a strategy.

At Omega Inscribe, we have identified the needs of Christian writers in the program or course: Building Business for Writers™. It’s simple in 3 steps:

Step 1: Laws of Attraction©

Step 2: Business T’s and I’s©

Step 3: Reach!©

Under these steps, you will:

  • Find and finesse your writing niche
  • No longer randomly post on social media, hoping that your books will be noticed.
  • You will discover how to stand out with a business and a brand.
  • Connect with your reader ‘tribe’…
  • Find the right social media platform that works best for your personality
  • And much more!

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