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A Note from Omega Inscribe's Founder - Lawyer, Writer & Coach

 "I am an animated writer, editor and coach with a dedication to delivering extraordinary and transformative ideas by providing entertainment, education, and an opportunity for each individual interacting with me to acquire something that will enable them to rise into achieving remarkable aspirations and dreams." 

- Victoria Funmilayo Thomas

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About Omega Inscribe, Inc.

Experience the Extraordinary

Have you ever desired...

...that you could experience just a little bit more of life beyond the ordinary, just a little bit more of fulfillment of your dreams, just a little bit more of feeling like you could be anyone and anything you wished to be?

Enter into the Remarkable

Your wish is our command.

We are the storytellers with the quirky name, Omega Inscribe - This  must be part of the reason why we deliver the extraordinary to your doorstep.

Enter a new world where anything is within your reach, because we write with the aim to broaden your world into experiencing remarkable possibilities.

Transform Your World

Entertainment. Education. Expression.

We entertain you with extraordinary writings.

We educate you with remarkable knowledge.

We show you how to express yourself through coaching to gain some amazing dreams you have not yet been able to attain.

We have you covered on Extraordinary Living.

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