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A Note from Omega Inscribe's Founder - Lawyer, Writer & Coach

 "I am an animated writer, editor and coach with a dedication to delivering ideas that are uncommon and transformative; and a goal of positively impacting my clients, thereby empowering them to experience the best that life could offer through intelligent knowledge." 

- Victoria Funmilayo Thomas

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About Omega Inscribe, Inc.

Not just another Writing Company

We are Writers in a Bookstore where everyone knows your name.

Omega Inscribe, Inc. is a company of writers that produce and deliver books and reading material to our customers. However - We do not stop there.

The books are written with the life stories of our customers in mind. 

In other words - Our books are telling the story of you.

 Furthermore - When we know the story that impacts your life - We are able to coach you into achieving your goals.

How do we know your story?

We know our customers.

We do not simply write. We build relationships, one client at a time. Our events and coaching sessions provide meet up zones, both online and in person, with the goal of getting to know our neighbors, understanding their needs - and producing the material that are tailored for impacting them in both written and coaching forms.

We are Writers. Period.

...And we write it because we are listening to you.

Check out our services in coaching and tutoring as well.

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Free books, free coaching, free support!

We are always in the community...

...At book publicity events, conferences, coaching - All tailored for meeting your needs.

Omega Inscribe, Inc.

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