Building Business for Writers™

We are writers helping writers to build businesses with legacies.™

Are you a Christian Romance or Adventure author who wants to use Biblical inspiration to create supernatural content in your storytelling? You are in the right place!

All authors seeking a supernatural brand are welcome. Learn more on our What We Do page.

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The Building Business for Writers’™ Program…

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Gain access to the Laws of Business Attraction for Writers from Lawyer and Coach, Victoria Thomas. Our business is to help writers who are struggling with selling and branding their content to find their writing personality!

What We Do

You are not just a writer. You are a business owner.

The Christian books industry has one of the largest reader bases, averaging over $1 billion dollars annually.

As a Christian book writer with a message, you can have a unique positioning to deliver your content to the audiences that want to hear them. This cannot be achieved randomly.

You need business strategy.

True. You consider yourself just a simple writer that is either (1) trying to make a buck or (2) aiming to reach people with something in your writings that will inspire them positively.

I repeat: You cannot be successful in either options without a strategy.

At Omega Inscribe, we have identified the needs of Christian writers in the program or course: Building Business for Writers™. It’s simple in 3 steps:

Step 1: Laws of Attraction©

Step 2: Business T’s and I’s©

Step 3: Reach!©

Under these steps, you will:

  • Find and finesse your writing niche
  • No longer randomly post on social media, hoping that your books will be noticed.
  • You will discover how to stand out with a business and a brand.
  • Connect with your reader ‘tribe’…
  • Find the right social media platform that works best for your personality
  • And much more!

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