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Due North

A Christian romance with a supernatural flair that speaks of relationships, marriage, love.

  Lexa Barclay is a Seattle socialite, femme-fatale, and medical doctor who walked into her surprise engagement party to her boyfriend - and promptly ran away. She got in the car and drove hundreds of miles to British Columbia Canada. Little did she know that across the border, there was a destiny awaiting her: A meeting with a mysterious male who could read her heart.

Once Upon A Dream


 Zena had big dreams. She would graduate from high school and move to New York. She would get a big journalism degree. She would get married and have a great husband and two kids with a dog. Of course, their house in the country would have a white picket fence and a garden where she could grow her own organic vegetables. They would be a small, but content family.Funny how life can put a rain on a girl's parade. Especially when said girl was sixteen years old and found herself pregnant. And funny how life could get progressively worse down the years that followed - Especially when said girl found herself, by an unfair twist of an equally unfair life, on the territory of the powerful man who happened to be unaware that they had a son. 

Finding Atlantis


  Olivia Davenport was brilliant. It was her last year at the University of Miami's marine biology Ph.D program. It was also the year that she fell for the mysterious, dark stranger, Xerxes, in the Malaysian rainforests while she was out studying rare microbes in the tropics. The fact that she had a few wild days of uncharacteristic Olivia, in a Malaysian monastery, after exchanging wedding vows with Xerxes, was probably permissible, since she had never done anything so insane in all her life.

But now – Xerxes was gone. And with him were the secrets of an ancient civilization that several governments of the planet were paying millions of dollars in search and reconnaissance to get their hands upon. If it was the last thing on Earth that she did, Olivia would ensure that the governments never discovered that there was one major part of that ancient, powerful empire that Olivia had in her care – Xerxes's son, Tristan.

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